Monday, 29 July 2013

Introduction - Business Culture

Business in China is a matter of “Guanxi” (connections). Government and government-sponsored institutions have large roles in business operations. It is essential that good relationships are established between the businesses’ for successful connection building projects.

Furthermore, the notion of “Keqi”, based on the amalgamation of two Chinese words, ‘ke’ representing ‘guest’ and ‘qi’ signifying ‘behaviour’. The concept implies thoughtful, courteous and refined characteristics. In business, it is vital to exhibit modesty and humility while patience is a virtue as negotiations tend to be long and arduous.

Confucianism, the distinguished ethical belief system of Confucian is emphasized. The concept of relationships and elements of responsibility and obligations remains a vital cultural factor in the development of Chinese society and business culture. 

Therefore, we can deduce that China is a high-context culture

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