Saturday, 27 July 2013

Performing Arts

Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theatre with roots going back as far as the third century CE.

We can see that it evolved from folk songs, dances, talking, antimasque, and distinctive dialectical music. Over time, music, art and literature combined into one performance on stage. Traditional musical instruments like the Erhu, the gong, and the lute, actors present unique melodies - which may sound strange to foreigners – were used as well as dialogues which are skilfully written and of high literary value.

Moving on is The Lion Dance with a history stretching back to 2000 years. The lion, known as the king of animals, is a traditional symbol of good luck in China.

During the Lantern Festival and other festivals, the lion dance marks the beat of the frolics, bringing luck and happiness to all who contemplate it. The Lion Dance also plays an important role in the consecration of temples and other buildings, at business openings, official celebrations including planting and harvest times, and religious rites. There are even Lion Dance competitions featuring various troupes from countries far from China like Mexico.

These performing arts are something the public and ourselves can enjoy. 

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